Why I am Transferring Colleges in my 3rd Year


I just recently posted about my road to recovery from 0.0 GPA  and the 4 Things to Plan this Summer For a New School ; so, I should probably mention why transferring post-secondary at this point in my life is important to me.

I am a 3rd-year undergraduate student pursuing a bachelors of science in geography. I am passionate about wildlife, the environment, and hopefully one day I can work to monitor/track wildlife, work in public education, or a non-profit of some sort in raising awareness and be an advocate for our ecosystem. But, I am not sure exactly. we will see where life takes me and what kind of work I will do later on. Who knows, things change.

So why am I transferring? Isn’t being a 3rd-year student pretty far into a program to be leaving?

Well, you probably read already in my previous posts about how poorly I did in my first year in university. I got a 0.0 GPA and worked my butt off to fix that. Because of redoing classes and lowering the amount of classes I took to really do well and focus on improving my health to be able to take care of myself, I really am only in my 2nd year of studies academically. So, it’s not really doing me any harm or pushing me back by much to transfer. This is probably the biggest reason for why I want to transfer: to be able to start fresh and enjoy a new experience.

Another reason is me and my boyfriend are currently doing a long distance relationship. We both love British Columbia and it is somewhere that we both are okay with moving there – a nice ‘meet in the middle’ instead of one of us moving to the other’s city. We will be doing long distance while I am in BC before he gets there. But the plan is that it will  kind of work itself out sooner rather than later . It’s a place I want to work and stay in and so I am ready to go there (I’m impatient, clearly.)

Remember a couple of paragraphs up when I said what I wanted to do for my career? Well I really believe that BC’s culture and mindset is best suited for that.  I think there is more of an appreciation for the environment and ecosystem out there so I think it’s a better suit for me to be learning and working for my passion.

I am really lucky to move out there and it is exciting. But I am kind of sad to leave this place, it has been awesome to spend 3 years here and I have met wonderful people. But I am just ready to start a new chapter in my life

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