Road to Recovery: 0.0 GPA

This is something I find really difficult to talk about. I wrote about this before on GPA Recovery and How to Improve Your Success in College but it was my very first blog post and to be honest, I think it is really bad quality. But the message is important that you can recover your GPA and this shouldn’t stop you from continuing on.

Anyways, things look really bright now and I am transferring schools in the fall and I will be a new journey. You can see why I am transferring more detailed if you want more context on that.

Awful GPA’s aren’t a definition of who you are, and most students find themselves struggling at some point with their academics due to many factors. Some aren’t used to the changes and might be learning to study for the first time, or some peoples physical or mental health is not doing too great, or maybe you have some personal issues going on in your home or social life.

In my first semester of university I failed all of my classes.  Yep… that’s right. every class… I struggled with my health and was consistently cold, my body ached, I barely ate anything and I had no one in my new town to reach out to. It took a toll on me, and I was not a great person. I struggled with cleaning up after my dorm room and dishes, I hoarded everything in my room. It was bad, very bad. And looking back on it I cannot believe I didn’t reach out to anyone or tell my mom what was happening. When I was feeling decent instead of taking the time to get myself together or study, I took advantage that I felt good enough to leave my room and wanted to go out and make friends. I did. I am happy I did because I joined a sorority and met very supportive people in my life. Thanks to them, I got a huge push to go and take care of my self and visited doctors and dealt with what was going on. But at this point, we were too far into the semester and I was failing all of my classes, I didn’t know how to talk to my professors, I didn’t want to dropout; so, instead, I just watched Netflix or ran-off and drove myself 5 hours away to be with my close friends attending different colleges.

I ended up that I had to retake a couple of these classes in the spring semester, a few of the other courses weren’t offered the next semester so I would have to deal with the Fs. I was in poor standing with my sorority and in poor standing with the university. Thankfully, the university doesn’t require you to drop out if you are below the minimum GPA requirement if you are below 6 classes.  With my academic poor standing in the sorority I had to do study hours which made me improve significantly. Support is key and for my having people to study with and be accountable with was the biggest reason I was able to make a comeback. In fact, my comeback was so good I was even the academic chair for my chapter this year!

I have been working really hard to bring up my GPA and recover from this. For this reason I believe it is very important to me to ‘restart’ and go with a new chapter in my life. Transferring will give me a fresh new experience and I hope this new place will be better for me to strive in.  I think another factor in this fix comes from your environment, and if the place isn’t right for you maybe you need to be somewhere else. That’s okay!

If you aren’t doing well, you are not alone. Theres many sources on the internet about failing rates. Here’s just a few to check out:

Why it’s okay to be terrible in first year  – Macleans

23 college dropout statistics that will surprise you – CreditDonkey

1 in 6 first-year university students won’t make the grade – The Star

Why do students drop out of university?

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