College: 4 Things to Plan this Summer For a New School


I hope you are enjoying your summer so far and you get to have some time to relax and have some fun! If you are entering college or transferring schools in the fall, I bet you are very excited to start this new chapter in your life. I get it, I have been there – and I will be there again because I am moving!

I am transferring schools and my thankfully with my job I can transfer locations. Right now I am trying to plan for that and it is really stressful.  I am really looking forward to this new adventure, but not having things 100% organised is stressing me out.  I am trying to relax and enjoy my summer as much as I can but this new journey  really wants me to be prepared.

For this reason, today was the most anxious day for me because two things happened:

  1. My academic calendar for my University got posted so I could search for classes and see what is offering.
  2.  I called around, and found a new job location that will take me! All I need to do is fill out an availability sheet. 

Unfortunately, I cannot register for classes so I am really hoping that I can even get into these classes I looked up.  Seriously, it is driving me crazy – my previous university I would be registered and good to go already!

That being said, there are a few things this summer that I will be working on to be  prepared for your new city, school, and routines.

Where I will be Living

My living situation isn’t the most ideal situation since it is technically outside of the city of my school; about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours  away depending on the time of day and traffic. If I take the bus I need to make sure I give myself 1.5 hours at least to get to school    no matter what time of day.   But I am really lucky to be living with my boyfriend’s parents temporarily until I find a better place and I enjoy how more laid-back this area. They are really nice and I am grateful to have this as an option.

My plan is to take classes Tuesday/Thursday only or at least the majority of it then. Maybe I might have to take 1 class on Wednesday on something; but, I want to try and not do that as much as possible…That way I will stay in my town I am living in and work Monday ,Wednesday and Friday and not have to commute that far.  I am really lucky since I have a car with me so getting around and driving for anything or if my work/school schedule changes if anything comes up I have more leeway to get around. This might not be the most realistic situation for others.

Which brings me to my next point…

Getting around

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with where you’re living. But you need to have a plan with how you are getting around. If you want to have a job while you’re in school you want to be sure you know how to get there and the time and cost it will take you to get there. This might be easier if you have a job on campus or if you have a car; if you’re taking the bus, you could be commuting for over an hour just to get around. This is something you need to pay attention to if your hoping to do some job-hunting in college.

$ Differences

You need to be prepared about the cost of living differences with your new school. The city you’re moving to might be a more expensive area than what you’re used to and it is something important to consider. For me, I am moving from Alberta to British Columbia. Not only is the cost of living is significantly higher (Rent, PST, just being British Columbia) than Alberta, but minimum wage is also lower (BC is $13.85; whereas Alberta is $15) which is going to be a huge difference for me.

I am making sure this summer that I am saving and prepared for this new living situation and have some emergency funds saved up for a safety cushion. There are many  ways to calculate how much you need to save; however, I use the simple CIBC Savings Calculator for an easy way to see how I need to reach my savings goals.

What to Keep

Since I currently live off-campus in my University town – I have accumulated many things and pretty set for ‘adulting’ I think when it comes to furnishing and owning ‘house – things’. I have many many things; blankets, a couch, I have a bed (and a guest bed…) , many knick-knacks/decor, dishes, other furniture, Kitchen-maker stuff (I have to admit my love for my ActiFry if you don’t really trust yourself cooking and frying- I recommend it).

Anyways, the point is if you name it, I probably have it.

If you’re moving, you simply can’t keep everything. Spend sometime this summer going through what you have this summer – do a garage sale, make some donations, give things to friends. Just don’t put this off til the last minute or it’ll add unnecessary stress.

What is the school like?

Get to know people that are going to your school. Your school might offer ‘first year groups’ on Facebook to get connected with others that will be entering university. If you’re a transfer student you can also reach out and ask who else may be transferring.  Look for clubs and when Rush week would be – there’s major-specific clubs and many  volunteering, and social clubs to join when you get to your school. You want to get a feel for what kind of environment you are joining and it is a great way to find friends and people who could be in your classes.

Does your school have a greek-life presence? That may also be something you should look into and decide what your school may be like.

What is getting around campus like: Parking? Good Bus System? Where is the campus relative to the city?

What are professors like?

What kind of culture does the campus have?

A great way to check some of this information out is to go to Rate My Professors . Before you register for your classes, check it out.


Moving should be exciting. Don’t let it get the best of you.

What an exciting time! I am looking forward to the move. I feel like I am missing things and maybe I will have to edit this at the end of the summer when I have more experience.

Maybe after I move around in my new college city I will be a professional even – lol.


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