First Time Shopping Vegan

I just want to start out and say I am not vegan. I think this is important to note, I am not one to give much insight or advice on being vegan.

I am, however,  working towards a plant-based diet and I don’t really eat meat at home to begin with. To be quite honest, It’s only three things that hold back on being vegan: a turkey holiday dinner , cheese and eggs.I know there is a new fad on being ‘Veggan’, and it’s this idea that you follow a vegan diet but make an exception for eggs – but I am not too sure on this idea. But…I eat pretty much the same things, I am not a good cook, and I think that is my biggest challenge. So for right now, I am not going vegan cold-turkey (pun intended) but it’s a journey.  I recently joined  challenge22+   and it is honestly such a good resource and support system to have when you’re learning and it makes plant-base diet seem less daunting and the inspiration for recipes makes it seem so easy.

The biggest challenge for me is looking for soy-free options, and it is really overwhelming when you’re still new for shopping plant-based and most options are from soy. Unfortunately I have a minor allergy and makes me feel sick – so I try to avoid it as much as I can. So if you have any good replacement for cheese and eggs that isn’t tofu please let me know! I am super open to ideas and suggestions.

This is what I bought :

Vega Protein Powder in Vanilla – $27.99

Daiya Strawberry Single Cup Yoghurt  (Usually I cringe at single-cup stuff like this but I had to give it a try )  – $2.24

Daiya Blueberry Single Cup Yoghurt – $2.24

Earth’s Own Unsweetened Vanilla Oat Milk – $4.99





Red & Orange Bell Peppers



This is where I struggled:

Gardein Black Bean Burger  *Soy  $4.99

Lightlife Deli Veggie Turkey *Soy $4.99

I struggled to find soy-free meat alternatives and for me, in this beginning stage and learning what to buy and how to create a new meal is very different and I think I would get frustrated and without having some kind of alternative.  I am going to try and see if these work for me, as sometimes I can have a minimal amount of soy and be okay – hopefully.

Honestly, I find it really funny how hard I made this for myself. This isn’t a vegan-option problem; this is a learning how to cook differently than I am used to problem. And I think I will learn a lot and hopefully can experiment a bit better. Hopefully the people in Challenge22+ can really help me here.

But as you can see, your beginning trip to your vegan food there is things you can still enjoy and really, it is not going to be much of a difference in price of things you were buying (Deli meat is expensive, yo).











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