1 Small Change That Saved Me $50 Dollars a Month in College

My Secret?  I did my laundry off-campus.

I know this is probably going to sound a little bit nuts but some of your friends will probably willingly let you do laundry at their house.

It would cost me about $9 dollars for a 1 load of laundry… and I am not talking about the kind of load where I can shove all of my things into one load and forget about it… I’m talking about spending my Sundays doing laundry day where I would have to do 2 or 3 loads. YEP, $27 dollars just do some laundry.  This would mean around $81 dollars spent in one month on laundry alone. 

I decided to change this and find a way to go off-campus and save some money.

My friends still remember me to this day going to a small house-party with my basket of laundry at a fraternity house (it’s a good laugh).  But for real, I would bring the boys some beer and play a little bit of beer-pong while I waited for the washing machine to ring telling me it’s time to switch over.  But usually, I would just opt to call one of my gal pals and bring over a bottle of wine, or order some pizza and make a social night or movie night out of me doing some laundry – or I would shamefully bring my laundry to a party.

A bottle of wine: $8.00

A case of beer: $15.00

A pizza:  $18.00

Meaning I saved roughly $50 dollars a month just by doing my laundry with some friends.  This was a fun trick. I still had a fun social life, got to treat myself,  AND I was still able to be productive … it’s a win-win-win.


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