Caturday Chit-Chat

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is going well. I am having a relaxing Saturday with my cat, Dusty, and we are really excited you’re here to chit-chat with us. I have been trying to be productive all day. I know it’s Saturday, but I work tomorrow so today is technically my Sunday. Instead, Dusty […]

Road to Recovery: 0.0 GPA

This is something I find really difficult to talk about. I wrote about this before on GPA Recovery and How to Improve Your Success in College but it was my very first blog post and to be honest, I think it is really bad quality. But the message is important that you can recover your GPA and [...]

Cruelty-Free Makeup Haul

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored and this post is 100% my own experiences Hi, Lovelies! Hope your weekend went well, Recently I had to go run a few errands and had to go pick up  mascara, Lipstick and a I needed a new eyeshadow palette, too. So I did a bit of makeup shopping and [...]